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Gantz, Jacob - 1881

Register of Sales
The following is a list of sales, for which bills have been printed at this office.  Persons wishing Sale Bills printed will find those turned out at the Record Office equal to any printed anywhere else.  All sales for which bills have been printed at this office will be noticed in this paper free from the time they are handed in until the week of the sale.
Sept. 27–In the village of New Haven, two acres of land, with improvements thereon, by Ambrose Maischnee, assignee of Michael Behner.
Sept. 28–In Warwick twp., two tracts of land with improvements, by John H. Gantz, administrator of Jacob Gantz, dec’d.
Oct. 1–Near the village of Rothsville, a tract of land, cataining <sic> 14 acres and 36 parches, with improvements thereon, by Washington Krafft.
Oct. 1–In the village of Neffsville, a tract of 70 acres of land, with improvements thereon, by Matilda Hoober.
Oct. 3–In Warwick township, a tract of 9 acres of land, with a mill and other improvements, by Joseph Pfautz.
Oct. 4—In Lititz, 2 horses, wagons, and a large lot of other personal property, by H. E. Miller.
Oct. 5—In Lititz, a one and a half story frame house, by Abraham Coldren, executor of Hannah Coldren, dec’d.
~ The Lititz Record, 23-Sept-1881, Page 2, Column 3

Real Estate Transactions.--
Ritter estate: Lititz bakery to Dr. J. Shenk for $2750.  Meadow lot in Lititz to Benj. Lutz, for $660.  House and lot near the railroad, to Emmanuel Kauffman for $1430.  Six acres of timber land situate in Penn township, to J. Ritter for $60.25 an acre.  Lititz mill, in Rome, to A. W. Shober for $8035.  Farm of 63 acres, to John Evans at $210 an acre.  14 acres of land with improvements, to Jacob L. Stehman for $4000.  One-third of 840 acres of Iowa prairie land, to A. F. Hostetter, of Lancaster, for $251.  One-third of two lots in Webster City, Iowa, to A. F. Hoestetter, of Lancaster, for $76.  One-fifth of 69 lots is <sic> Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Graybill  Baer for $104.

Assigned estate of Michael Behmer, in New Haven, house and lot to Tobias Martin for $1800.

The farm of Jacob Gantz, deceased, of Pine Hill, was sold to Benj. B. Lehman for $75 an acre.  The farm comprises 90 acres.  Another lot of land, 5 acres, was sold to Frank Gantz for $2080.
~ The Lititz Record, 30-Sept-1881, Page 3, Column 4

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